Salon de Sol

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859 East Main Street - 2D
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: (502) 699-2226

Voted Frankfort's Favorite Tanning Salon & Home of Frankfort's Favorite Nail Technician


Business Closure Policy

We reserve the right to suspend operations at any time and for any reason (including weather and maintenance), with notice to the client. Notice will be made as soon as possible through a variety of avenues including temporary signs, social media, our website, etc.

Please remember that tanning services are seperate from hair and nail salon services; as always, please contact your service provider or the salon with any questions.

Severe Weather
Our staff will monitor severe weather in the area and may suspend operation of all tanning equipment until conditions approve or close the salon accordingly.

If lightning strikes are recorded within a 5 mile radius, staff will suspend tanning bed operations until conditions improve. Generally, we look for an all clear which is a 15 minute window free of lightning strikes that are within a 5 mile radius.

Snow & Ice
We do our best to keep our facilities clear during inclement weather; however, poor conditions may still exist. Please be aware that the parking lot, walkways, and floor may be slick during inclement weather. Safety first!


None at this time